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Vision and Mission Statement


“To provide business and leadership planning strategies along with other consulting services for small businesses everywhere in order to help them become more successful in the future.”


Purpose and Summary

While small businesses are responsible for producing the majority of the GDP, many small businesses do not survive past the first years of operation.  For example, 40% of new business ventures fail in their first year, 60% in their second year, and 90% in their first 10 years of existence.  In the retail trade industry, approximately 17% of new business ventures fail within their first year, 34% in their first 3 years, and 43% in their first 5 years of existence (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).


This statistic has drastically increased due to the impact of COVID-19 on the current and upcoming economic conditions which will require small businesses every where to create a new business model for survival .


Barriers to market entry for small businesses include capital requirements, competitive advantage of incumbent firms, the business environment, and the educational background of the owners. Once small businesses have entered the market, a number of factors might increase the risk of failure: active reorganization actions, division of operating cash flow by current liabilities, cash flow coverage of interest, operating cash flow margin, operating cash flow return on total assets, and earning quality.


The primary objective of SBS Management & Leadership Consulting Services, LLC is to help small businesses identify what areas of leadership and management have the most influence on small business failure (SBS) and to avoid these pitfalls by offering products and services to help improve your small business operation.  With our consulting services, SBS Management & Leadership Consulting Services, LLC will be able to help identify management and leadership skills that contribute to the success and failure of your small business and to develop a winning strategy to overcome these obstacles and to increase your rate of success.  

Owner and Founder Biography

Dr. Jamey M. Long is the owner of SBS Management & Leadership Consulting Services, LLC and A Possum’s Company, LLC.  With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Long has worked in multiple segments of the business market for the private, public, state, and local government.  He has served as a long-time faculty member for George Mason University and Northern Virginia Community College.  Dr. Long was nominated for the NVCC Alumni Federation Faculty of the Year Award for his role in teaching business management and small business strategic leadership. 


Dr. Long is also the author of Management & Leadership Skills that Affect Small Business Survival: A  Resource Guide for Small Businesses Everywhere by Anthem Press and over 240 children's book that comprise A Possum’s Holiday and History Series and other stories.  His first small business, A Possum’s Company, LLC, works to provide curriculum, reading material, workshops, and educational resources for schools across America.  His books have been recognized as a valuable asset by several historical foundations and are sold in their museums and gift shops.  Dr. Long has earned a DBA from William Howard Taft University with a concentration in management and leadership for small business success, a MBA from the University of Mary Washington, a B.S. in Business Management from George Mason University, and an A.S. in Business Administration from Northern Virginia Community College. Dr. Long resides in Northern Virginia/DC Metro area.

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